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You think that after everything, this hurts?

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"Tell me... Tell me... Is there someone inside of me?"
-Unravel [TK from Ling tosite sigure]

「 It’s not gonna matter what you chose
        it’s too late when everything goes

I’m a monster, monster, monster, I’m a fucking monster.
this is not the character development I wanted
tbh no one is going to get over this anytime soon.
I know I never will.


東京喰種詰め by 竹花

Permission to repost given by artist.

I seriously don’t know what to do with these fucking feelings, how the hell is the manga of Tokyo Ghoul going to end just like that, omfg. I know everybody has already complained about this but I NEED TO DO IT TOO, LIKE WHAT THE fUCK aM I SUPPOSED TO FEEL???? I’M JUST QUITTING IN LIFE GOODBYE WORLD